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Just a quick note to thank you for your time speaking with me yesterday and to let you know that Sasha looks and feels wonderful. I've honestly never felt his fur so soft before.

The pre-cleaning creme did a fantastic job on the stud tail and saved a great deal of scrubbing in the water. Sasha lay quietly while I massaged the creme in, instead of fighting me in the water washing with a regular (and harsh) shampoo several times to remove everything.
Leah B
 . . . I also regularly bath five of my cats and the pre-cleaning creme is always part of the bath routine.

By the way the red with white Maine coon, 1st photo in your photo gallery is my 22 lb. guy Yoshi . . . I took that photo right after I bathed him . . . I couldn’t achieve the results I get without your creme!
Tracy P.
Thank you so much for the great customer service. I absolutely love the Jerob products that I use on my cats . . . and now have reason to love the customer service also.
Diane W.
I was introduced to Jerob shampoos and products some 20 years ago and I have used them on all my cats throughout the years, as well as recommending these products to all my pet buyers and others for the best professional results on a consistent basis.
Sandra S
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