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$12.65 - $12.65
SKU#:   SH03
Clean and condition with one product.
$7.15 - $11.15
SKU#:   SH05
Ruby red shampoo contains special texturizing agents.
$2.50 - $14.85
SKU#:   SH06
Recommended for spot cleaning, light stains or last minute clean-up at the show.
$3.35 - $16.75
SKU#:   SH07
Optical brighteners in this rich black shampoo are recommended for all dark colored long and short haired breeds.
$6.15 - $33.40
SKU#:   SH09
Warm and tone the full spectrum of red-based colors from rich browns to the light apricots.
$6.65 - $10.35
SKU#:   SH10
This rich shampoo has been especially formulated for creme,silver and blue colored coats.
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