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Jerob Everyday Grooming Spray
SKU#:   cs-00
Named for how it’s used JEROB EVERYDAY GROOMING SPRAY can be used during normal daily combing and grooming of any coat. Spray above the animal allowing a fine mist to rain down on the coat and comb as normal. A hint of conditioning keeps coats from drying and eliminates static. This daily use formula will not build up on coats, even when used many times a day, seven days a week. When bathing, spray on coat before drying and after to finish the look. Light herbal fragrance keeps coat fresh between baths. Safe to use on all kittens/puppies, cats and dogs of all coat types. Do not use on or around face and eyes.

To use hold bottle 4-6 inches away from the animal leaving a fine misting on the coat. For long coats use a comb and comb as normal, short coats use a brush or hand to rub through coat. Do not spray on face or near eyes.

Also available in 16, 64 & 128 ounce refill sizes.

Price: $9.69 - $14.09
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