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Pet Alert Sticker
SKU#:   pa01
2 Stickers per package! 8 total Stickers.
This eye-catching decal is to be placed on a window/door/home's main electrical box to alert Firefighters or Police to save your pet(s) in case of a fire, flood, earthquake or other emergency situation. Firefighters will go to your home's main electrical box to cut the power, so that would be an ideal spot to place a decal. This vibrant red and white decal features "Rescue Rover," the Dalmation dog mascot, wearing a Fireman's hat with "PET ALERT" Fire Rescue (Please Save our Pets) in big, bold, bright white letters.
Special Features:

Endorsed by Firefighters
Decal is 4" x 5" (two per package)
Made of strong, static-cling, weather-proof vinyl material which will not fade
Bright, vibrant red color, assuring high EZ alert visibility
Adheres to any clean glass surface without adhesive
Can easily be removed and reused
For use in homes, apartments, condos, businesses, RV's, etc.
Can deter burglars, knowing pets are inside that may attack or alert residents

Price: $3.00 - $36.00
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