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About Us

To successfully produce premium pet products for the most demanding users- exhibitors and breeders, is our goal here at Jerob. Our extensive product line needs to meet, and even surpass, their expectations. Our customer feedback and sales growth have told us consistently that we have done just that.

After many years as a distributor of other company's products, we developed our own formulas based on what our customers told us they wanted, as well as adding new and innovative products. Extensive testing, research and an open ear to our customers' feedback has allowed us to refine our products to a level unsurpassed by any other company in our field.

Same Great Products

While we continue to make improvements, we strive to maintain the quality that has been the result of over 20 years of experience in dealing with customers that demand excellence. These are the same products that our customers have come to know and love, but with significant additions and improvements.  We stand behind our products with pride and confidence.

New items like our Pre-Cleaning Creme have been met with acclaim from our customers, and the results of our work have shown...literally... in the many titles and awards won by cats and dogs using our products. Our well known Castle logo on the gold label has come to signify quality and excellence at shows world wide for both cats and dogs.

Jerry's background in grooming animals, including prize winning Afghans, provides a resource of knowledge and experience guaranteed to keep your animals looking their best. Please let us know what you think, because listening to what you'd like to see will help determine our future product offerings.

Here, now, and in the future: look to Jerob for your premium pet products.

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